Work Experience Demystified

Work Experience Demystified

Posted on November 21, 2013 · Posted in Workload

There are several ways to gain experience in the creative industry, but the boundaries between them are rather blurred.  While most end up with the same result, there are subtle differences. Here is what you need to know.


Internships are very common in the creative industry. they can be paid or unpaid, and happen outside of term time or even after you’ve graduated. Some pay expenses, while some don’t. The paid labour approach of an internship is frowned upon by many, but if a studio is right for you and you can afford it, it can be valuable experience. You’ll make the odd cup of tea, but most clued up agencies will put you on real projects.


Placements are normally something you’ll do while studying, as part of your course. Generally a placement is simply a long internship, although this kind of experience is less common in creative related degrees, at least in the UK )they’re more wide spread in business courses). think of a placement as the part of your course that connect you with the industry you aim to work in after graduation.


Work experience mostly has connotations of something you’ve already done in your mid teens – making tea, stuffing envelopes or ‘researching’ on the internet. it’s not really a term you should make a habit of using in the creative industry per se. It can be okay if you’re just starting out, but if your serious, you’ll ask for an internship.