Ten Steps To Become More Productive

Posted on November 26, 2012 ยท Posted in Workload

A few common sense suggestions will help ensure that you become more productive.

1. Just start

There is no point in avoiding a task that has to be completed. Stop wasting time and get started on the task as quickly as possible.

2. Get organised

Organise everything. Getting organised will immediately help your productivity. Ensure that you have all the tools you need for a task before you begin. organise your files and folders into a logical, easy to follow order and make sure files are named for easy referencing at a later date.

3. Make a list

This is a simple but effective method. Write down a list of all the tasks that need to be achieved. This can be for the day, week or even the month if you are feeling particularly adventurous. logically, stick with just the day ahead.

4. Prioritise tasks

Making a list will help you realise what tasks need to be achieved, but however, as with all tasks some will need to be completed before others. Arrange tasks so that the most pressing are completed first.

5. Start with the hardest

This follows on from making a list and prioritising the tasks ahead. If certain tasks have the same priority, then you should start with the task you deem to be the most difficult. once this is completed, the tasks will get progressively easier and you will become more productive.

6. Remove distractions

There is no doubt that distractions will ruin productivity. this could be a talkative colleague, social media outlets or general office noise. Stick on a pair of headphones and listen toyour favourite music to keep focused, and only use the web for research.

7. Set time limits

A task should only take a certain length of time. Allocate a time period to a task and stick to it as best as you can. be realistic when setting a time limit. Too short a time can be counter productive.

8. Break down tasks.

If you have a mammoth or daunting task on your hands, don’t panic/ Break it down into logical and smaller sub-sections and start at the beginning. If necessary, breakdown these sub-sections into smaller manageable chunks as well.

9. Learn keyboard shortcuts

This is more a practical tip, but one that will help improve productivity no end. learn as many keyboard shortcuts as possible. Start with the more obvious, and remove the hassle and time-killing task of opening endless menus.

10. Don’t multitask

research has show that multitasking is less productive. Constant interruptions will break your concentration and disrupt your workflow making it more difficult to restart a task.