Digital Workplaces

Digital Workspaces

Posted on November 3, 2013 · Posted in Inspiration, Workload

If you have the luxury of being self-employed, or if your boss allows you to work outside the company office, you might have an opportunity to boost your creativity, and get your creative juices flowing!  If you make your living in a creative profession (writer, artist, designer, etc) changes of scenery and routine can have a big impact on your ideas and creative output. But if you don’t want to work in your spare room at home, where else can you go? Here are some ideas:


The classic alternative workplace! The big chains like Starbucks and Costa Coffee usually have free WiFi, and you can strategically choose your seat so that you’re close to a plug socket so you know that your laptop will never run out of power! But increasingly, smaller independent coffee shops are also offering free internet, and it’s nice to support your local businesses. perhaps you’ll discover a home away from home, and make friends with the staff and other regular customers.


If you live in a town or city, the chances are that there will be a free public library no more than a few minutes from your home or office. Libraries these days often have free WiFi available, and the atmosphere in a library can be conducive to getting work done, because they’re buzzing with people but they’re also very quiet. you can immerse yourself in a place that’s full of interesting people, but that is not to distracting. Try it, you may be amazed by the results!


If the weather is nice, why not get outside? Desktop computer is on the decline and it’s likely you have access to a laptop or tablet. If you’re a visual artist or writer, perhaps you only require a notebook and pencil anyways. Glorious sunshine and a fresh breeze can really inspire moments of creative genius. you might be used to working in your own garden, but parks are different: the wide, open spaces and people milling about give quite a different atmosphere.


Chances are that you’ve got friends who work in a similar field to you. We tend to befriend people that have similar interests to us, right? Why not see if you can arrange a home work day with one or two friends? Companionable setups like this can provide some variety to your working day, but be careful you don’t distract each other!


As you can see there are a variety of choices of places you can work as a creative, which can inspire you to get your creative juices flowing. This articles names but a few but where do you go to get your work done outside the office? Let me know in the comments section below.