Five Uses For WordPress

Posted on September 2, 2012 · Posted in WordPress

WordPress is a great tool for creating a personal website, and it doesn’t just need to be about you – the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the things you can do…

1. Create a online diary

The original idea behind blogging was to keep a diary, not necessarily a personal diary, but a chronological description of what goes on, your opinions and thoughts. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it extremely personal, though.

Using the member’s plug-in you can restrict access to view your blog, making it a safe place to put your deepest, darkest thoughts – and it beats scrawling in a little black book!

2. Keep a movie diary

If you’re a movie buff, why not create an online review website in which you record each movie you’ve seen? You can tag posts with the names of actors and director, making it easy to find films by star.

Because WordPress enables you to create your own set of categories, it’s simple to separate movies by genre, rating, year or what ever works for you. Not a movie fan? The same could easily apply to books, recipes, gadgets or whatever your interests are!

3. Share Photos

WordPress isn’t just about words! With built-in support for media galleries and a massive selection of plug-ins available to enhance this functionality, you use WordPress to create tour own photo sharing website. Even better, if you give friends access to the website, they can post their photos directly to the same blog, giving you a great record. Add a plug-in that lets visitors rate your images and you’ve got the beginnings of a gallery of your photographic work.

4. Write about subjects that interest you

One of the best way to use WordPress is to become an expert in a field that interests you. You don’t need to start off as an expert, but over time as you post more and more information that you’ve discovered, you’ll soon start to amass a collection of useful content that will bring web visitors with the same interests to your website.

Whether it’s cars or technology – anything that you have a genuine interest in can become a great blog and resource.

5. Create an online CV

Employers are increasingly looking for potential employees to stand out from the crowd, so why not create an online, interactive CV? You can start off with the standard kind of stuff – employment history, training and personal details (although be careful of revealing to much personal information online).

Once online your CV is set up, use the post’s functionality to keep the website up to date with recent posts, non-work interests and achievements. This will help potential employers see the real you, and all the stuff you do outside of work too.