Online Reputation

Your online reputation

Posted on April 12, 2014 · Posted in Self Promotion

A online reputation can make or break a business, yet so many business owners large & small are completely oblivious to the fact. Keeping a close eye on your online reputation should be of paramount importance to you and your business. Every client you have ever dealt with has the potential to either refer you to their friends, family and colleagues or advise them to steer well clear. You need to harness this power if you really want to be successful.

To myself, every satisfied customer is worth about approximately £1000 in referrals. This makes it very important that I do a good job with my customer service, its key that I over delivering and pay special attention to my customers. The last thing I want is a disgruntled customer who feels short changed or even worse, ignored.

With social media as it is & the ‘on-tap’ network that people have these days it makes sense to bend over backwards for your customers and help them as much as you possibly can. Once you master this you are on to a winner. It’s no longer just good enough to just be good at what you do, you have to go that extra mile to help people out and in turn they will spread the word for you – inevitably bringing you in more work/clients.

Here are a few pointers on how to make it easy for your client to spread the good word about you and your business:

  • Mention a client is your own tweets – Show that you care about working on a project with a client, post a comment that your working with them. This mention gives you both a bit of publicity and the client will hopefully return the favour.
  • A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words – Encourage your customers to take a snapshot of your business or services & share it with their friends online. Everybody loves a good picture.
  • Join in the conversation – Respond to any feedback good or bad from a client in a positive manner. By showing a friendly face and getting involved the client is more likely to come back.
  • Encourage Creativity – Hold a contest for your customers to WIN your most expensive product or service in exchange for posts shared among their friends Facebook. Who knows this could go viral!

There are many things you could do, but it key that everything you do shows you in a positive light. More people are likely to respond if your seen to be friendly.