Three Steps To A Killer Headline

Posted on March 6, 2014 ยท Posted in Creating Content

Follow these tips to really make sure your headline is selling your websites content.


Make your headline engaging for the audience and you’ll reap the rewards – There is some difference of opinion on the length of the perfect headline. A short headline can be catchy and to the point, but make it to short and you’re probably not revealing the right amount of information to draw your readers in. A longer headline will give enough information, and include some useful keywords for SEO purposes, but make it to long and you not only risk falling victim to the limited attention span of web users nowadays, but also revealing so much that you render the content beneath it pointless. The best approach is to keep it as short as possible, but do not neglect the following points in doing so.


Your headline isn’t just a title, but an introduction to you and your website – Too often the headline is put together as an afterthought to the content, but in many ways it is the most important part of all. If it doesn’t entice, the content will never be seen. Use you headline to it’s full potential. Don’t undersell your content. Describe what it is to come. It may even make it seem like the reader will be losing out if they don’t read on. For example, if your content is all about a range of kitchen utensils, then try ‘How our new range of utensils can save you time’. Now reader know that there is an advantage to reading on. Don’t be afraid of using a little hyperbole – this can help grab the audience’s attention.


Your headline need not stand alone – Add a little detail to entice your website visitors – A useful practice is to give your headline a sub-headline, a H2 tag to your Headlines H1. This can be used to offer a little more information or enticement without having to extend the length of the main headline. It can take the form of a short sentence or even a brief, bulleted run down of major points from the content. For example you can follow ‘How our new range of utensils can save you time’ with ‘And they last a lifetime’. `or perhaps something simple and appealing like ‘Quicker to clean’ or ‘Fully guaranteed’. You’ve now provided more enticement for the reader to stick with your content rather than click off somewhere else.