Target Audience

Target Audience – Who Is Your Content For?

Posted on March 3, 2014 ยท Posted in Creating Content

Understanding your target audience is so vital, and so obvious a need for any business, that it may seem strange to even mention it. And yet, it is so often over looked by those who would rather assume that the website is there for the good of everybody that visits. While this may be a pleasing idea, almost every business has a majority demographic which they should be targeting.

The approach to identifying your key demographic depends a great deal on your business and available assets. If you already have a website and wish to improve on the content, then using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to track and measure your websites visitors is an excellent way to build a profile. this can tell you where you website hits are coming from, and which parts of your website are proving the most popular.

However, those who are starting out on their first website will probably need a different approach. Customer surveys can be extremely useful for finding out data, if possible either on the business premises or by an email email campaign. Creating a social media presence for your business, such as on Facebook and Twitter, can give you access to your customer base, although this can take time to build up. Larger businesses can go a step further and organise focus groups or engage the services of canvassing companies.

The main aim is to build a profile of the target customer. create a character with likes and dislikes, habits and traits, budgetary constraints and needs. the more details you are able to fill in, the easier it is to tailor your content to fit them perfectly.