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Good Content And SEO Are More Linked Than Ever Before

Posted on March 7, 2014 ยท Posted in Creating Content

SEO has moved on quite considerably over the past couple of years. Google’s quick fire updates, with their endearing animal names, have left many once solid SEO techniques either dead in the water or at very least far less buoyant than they used to be. Blog comments, paid links, directory listings and link exchanges have all been rendered useless by Google’s algorithm updates.

While keywords and link building still retain their importance, it is content that appears to be Google’s primary focus now. For this reason, it is absolutely imperative that your content is primed and prepared to appear relevant and informative in Google’s eyes.

These days the search engines are emphasising quality over quantity. They are looking for well produced, useful content that adheres to the topics it claims to be catering for. This is why relevance is vital. good spelling and grammar are also more important then ever – as is the variety of the content types, such as images, videos and infographics.

Google also favours content that is updated or added to on a regular basis, which is why so many business websites have now started to incorporate blogs into their web presence. this can be an especially helpful tool for those that struggle to update the core content of their website. maintenance of a blog allows for regularly published content.

Providing fresh content, combined with smart integration of keywords and social media networking, is one of the best SEO methods currently available to us. A Facebook, Twitter and Google+ extension of brand is also invaluable.

But it is ‘natural’ optimisation that seems to be the SEO route for the future. This new direction by Google may have made life more difficult for SEO agencies in the short term, but it does make it much easier for website owners to include good SEO techniques in their own websites, without the need for external services. Plus, raising the quality of all web content ensures that the end user gets what they are looking for (as opposed to irrelevant content stuffed full of keywords) and good experience, while your content is protected from future algorithm updates.

Well written, relevant content that can be easily shared across social networks can get your website higher up the search rankings and be seen by more prospective clients. It is well worth refreashing and regularyupdating your website in order to finish higher up the search results and appear on page one as we all know most people don’t go further than the first page on Google when they’re searching for something.