Content Is Everything

Posted on March 1, 2014 ยท Posted in Creating Content

An empty house can be strong in its foundations, and well maintained, but without furniture, fittings and family it is still only a empty house. Content makes it a home. Content is everything – as it is with a website. It is a fact of online life that a well-produced website with poor content will always fall behind a badly designed website with excellent content. Browsers are online for a reason, and that reason is content.

Good content engages teh audience. While delivering a message is paramount. It is just as important to consider the way in which that message is delivered. This can start with such basic considerations as grammar or spelling. If you website is designed to present you or your organisation as experts in your field, how much negative impact on your prowess do you think the spelling mistakes and the missed punctuation will have? Illiteracy is not a desirable skill and it doesn’t pay to underestimate your audience and assume they won’t pick up on it.

Nor should your content outstay its welcome in this age of diminished attention spans, nothing sends a user fleeing for the hills like a great wall of insurmountable text with nothing to break it up. The user experience (UX) is essential to the success of your website. if you have a point to make, don’t waste time getting to it. This will only serve as a test to your audiences patience.

The web is constantly changing, and with it the way in which content should be prepared. This is the age of social media and sharing, and content which can easily be shared between users will always have the biggest impact. It time to view your content as something that can live beyond the confines of your website. Good content travels, and with it your brand name.