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Work And Glasses

Handling Ridiculous Requests

Posted on November 30th, 2013 · Posted in Self Promotion, Workload

At some point we have all encountered a client that has made a ridiculous request. But how do you handle the situation and stop yourself losing work.


Pricing Your Work Right

Posted on November 21st, 2013 · Posted in Legal

Putting a value on your talent is notoriously tricky, especially when just starting out – but pricing your work right is vital for your success.

Thumbs Up

Giving Clients What They Want

Posted on November 17th, 2013 · Posted in Workload

Keeping clients happy is vital if you want to guarantee repeat work. Here’s my tips for keeping them coming back for more.

Working With A Designer

How to deal with a graphic designer

Posted on November 11th, 2013 · Posted in Design

Effective communication with a designer is vital to achieve your project objectives.

Tools That Will Change Your Life As A Designer

Posted on November 2nd, 2013 · Posted in Websites, Workload

Check out these five tools that will make your life simpler, and your work even more outstanding.


Top Rules For Creative People

Posted on October 11th, 2013 · Posted in Inspiration

There are ten things that creative people should keep in mind while they are working


Stop slacking and become more productive

Posted on November 29th, 2012 · Posted in Inspiration

Are you running at full capacity? Do you finish projects on time? Are you easily distracted? Here’s a few pointers on maximizing your time and talents.


Ten Steps To Become More Productive

Posted on November 26th, 2012 · Posted in Workload

A few common sense suggestions will help ensure that your days become more productive.