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Obscure WordPress Plugins You Need To Try

Posted on April 1, 2014 · Posted in Websites

If like me, you can sometimes find maintaining your website a bit of a chore. Luckily for us there is a fantastic community of developers creating WordPress plugins to simplify our work. Whether you run a online business or blog just for fun  there is a plugin to optimise your experience. Although with well over 30,000 and counting to search through, some of the most useful plugins have yet to be discovered. But when you do uncover one these hidden gems your life will never be the same. Let me tell you of a few I have found.


Who wants to add a little bit of speed to their WordPress site? Plugins Garbage Collector can rev up your page load RPMs by cleaning up the mess left in your database by old disregarded plugins. It has a clean and easy to read interface that colour codes the vital processes from the trash. If you want your website running at optimum power, picking up this plugin is a no-brainer.


The Crazy Egg Heat Map plugin is a heat mapping tool that tracks the most frequented areas on your web pages, allowing you to visualize where your visitors click. This can be super helpful
when trying to determine which elements of your page are hindering your conversion scores. Crazy Egg markets itself as a conversion optimisation tool that takes over where Google Analytics leaves off.

It has tons of extra functions like an overlay tool that shows what percentage of your visitors are clicking certain elements. It also has a very interesting function called the Confetti tool. Confetti connects individual user behaviour to the traffic source. So you can specifically design on page elements for targeted segment groups.


The whole point of a blog is to drive visitor engagement. The Comment Redirect plugin allows you to encourage commenter interaction in a more creative and different way than you might be used to. It works by redirecting commenter’s who’ve submitted their first comment to whatever landing page you choose. This allows you to give them follow-up questions or offers the options are nearly endless.


Once your site is up and running, YOURLS is a must-use addition to your plugin collection. It provides a service comparable to Bit.ly. Inspired by the various character limitations attached to sites like Twitter, YOURLS allows you to customize a shortened URL link that otherwise wouldn’t actually offer any additional information about the page being linked to.


Magic Action Box allows you to create an attention grabbing customer magnet in the form of a boxed in headline and offering. You can use it to create highly professional opt-in forms, feature boxes, call to actions, or whatever the occasion calls for. The boxes you can make are highly customisable with multiple preset designs available, or you can create your own.


Adding ads to your WordPress blog couldn’t be easier with this intensely intuitive widget. Use Ad Codes Widgets simple drag-and-drop system to place the banner ads of your choice into your sidebar. Not only that, but you can paste HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and iframes into this widget with zero fuss.


WPFront is a customizable notification bar that pops up after a predetermined number of seconds in order to advertise a specific promotion, news item, or what have you. Helpful for informing your visitors of breaking developments in your business or personal life, as the case may be. The plugin allows you to create a message and an optional button that can redirect the visitor to a different page.


The Explanatory Dictionary lets you develop pages with concise content for the well-informed, while attaching explanatory notes to key words or phrases for people who need a bit more information to fully understand. Readers can simply glide the pointer over highlighted portions, and let confusion dissipate.

So there you have it. Some undiscovered and undoubtedly useful plugins sure to take your website to the next level. Go on try a few and achieve your web goals ASAP but don’t forget to let me know which ones you enjoy the most.