Fail Whale

The final days of the Fail Whale

Posted on November 25, 2013 · Posted in Social Media

There was a time when the sight of the Fail Whale was common on Twitter, back when the growing startup struggled to keep pace with its users and the sheer volume of tweets. Much has changed since then including hundreds of million new users and of course, Twitter’s recent IPO  has led to the company killing off the cult whale this past summer.

Christopher Fry, senior vice president of engineering at Twitter, confirmed that the Fail Whale is a thing of the past and this summer Twitter took the decision to take the Fail Whale out of production forever. So if your browsing Twitter you will now see robots instead of the Fail Whale image if you come across an issue.

Fry said “It had a long history and some of our users feel very connected to it. But in the end, it did represent a time when I don’t think we lived up to what the world needed Twitter to be. In truth Twitter had already effectively slayed the whale by improving its service and minimizing downtime, so the chances of spotting it were fairly remote.

Still, like me if you are one of those who were acquainted with it, will no doubt mourn the passing of such an symbolic image.