How Social Media Can Ruin Your Online Reputation

Posted on March 1, 2013 · Posted in Social Media

With the evolving nature of technology, many job proposals have been offered to people as a result of their experience and resumes that they’ve plastered online, although, your personal social media accounts can get in the way of landing your dream job. Maintaining a positive and clean online reputation across all accounts is vital. Your online behaviour can also be a curse to your reputation. The importance of your online reputation has tremendously excelled. There are many software and services you can purchase that will erase all negativity however it’s up to you to maintain a clear reputation.

Studies have proven that many employers search a potential employee sometimes prior to even interviewing them! Once an application is submitted, some employers sift through the applicants by seeing how impressive, clean, or inappropriate their social media account is. Don’t just be aware of potentially new employers but current ones as well. It has been reported that approximately 37% of all current employers search their employees online.

Facebook and Twitter weren’t originally created for professional use as LinkedIn but your personal accounts can be more valuable to employers than your resumes. Background checks seem to have become irrelevant as now employers can simply take a few minutes and search the web to hear from their potential employee themselves. Some of their findings could consist of which party you were at last weekend, how many beers you gulped, or even comments and complaints about your current job. Employers know that no one is an angel, but many don’t want to hear complaints nor brags about their oblivious outings.

Unfortunately, Google is capable of indexing your photos right off your social media accounts or even your friend’s accounts. If you posted a photo or were even tagged in one, don’t be surprised if it appears on Google’s Images.

It may not cross many peoples mind, but try searching your full name on Google. Most likely there are other people in the world that share the same name as you but you will be able to identify which search results are geared towards you. On the first page, you are most likely to find your social media profiles. This tactic will give you an idea of how your current or potential employers see you.

Deactivating your accounts isn’t the solution; it isn’t the social media sites that are causing the problem. It’s up to you to make yourself look the best online. Sometimes less is better. Next time you are tweeting or posting a status, think about what the bosses at your dream job would think if they read it.