Getting Ahead On LinkedIn

Posted on May 4, 2013 ยท Posted in Social Media

If you want to get ahead, in business or life, you need to know the right people. How do you get to meet the right people in 2013? The obvious channels are social networks. Twitter and Facebook has the social scene locked down, and LinkedIn is the king of business networks.

With over 200+ million members and counting, there is a lot of competition for your attention. So how do you get yourself noticed among the many? to put it simply, profile owners need to put the time and effort in. however, putting the hours in is only effective if the right direction is taken.

Sp, how does a user get themselves noticed? There are several common sense steps that need to be taken before looking beyond the obvious. first, and as obvious as it may seem, you must produce a complete profile. An incomplete profile is often perceived as a reflection of the author. if they cannot be bothered to fill out all parts of a profile, what does that say about their work ethic? So a complete profile is the first and foremost task to perform. Now it’s all about creating quality content.

Sell yourself in the introduction. Create an attention-grabbing headline and use plenty of keywords. Potential employers, customers and clients will search LinkedIn, so make sure all your key skills are covered.

Recommendations – get good clients and customers to tell others why they enjoyed working with you and what you are great at. Keep these current. out of date recommendations will have a negative effect. Join groups, these are a great way to network and target potential customers or clients. be proactive and start your own group, a great way to gain exposure.

Make as many connections as possible, but be careful not to choose irrelevant or unrelated connections. Make sure to regularly update your status, there is nothing worse than an out of date profile.

Finally, a great way to build an outstanding profile is to research other profiles. And, make sure that you spend time on it and review it on regular occasions. Remember and apply these simple tips and your LinkedIn profile will be productive and ultimately profitable.