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Report: Across The Divide

Posted on April 23, 2013 · Posted in News

The Carnegie UK Trust has today published a new report which I thought some of you may find interesting called ‘Across the Divide – Tackling Digital Exclusion in Glasgow‘.

Internet access has become an essential service in the 21st century, delivering many social and financial benefits for individuals and communities. However, nearly 25% of UK households do not yet have access to the internet at home. This digital divide is already deeply concerning – and the gap between those who are online and those who are not will increase rapidly as more and more services are delivered digitally. Tackling this problem is not only a question of infrastructure. It also a question of participation.

Glasgow has one of the highest rates of digital exclusion in the UK, with 40% of households currently offline. This report presents new data which tests which barriers to internet access are the most significant; identifies which barriers affect which demographic groups; and highlights the most effective solutions for helping people to get online. While the data focuses on Glasgow, I believe that the findings and the conclusions are relevant to all areas in Scotland suffering with high levels of digital exclusion.

Please download the ‘Across the Divide‘ report.