Stay Modest

Never forget to be modest

Posted on January 29, 2013 · Posted in News

I must admit recently I’ve been over confident. I know I have design talent and  some solid web development skills. My knowledge and craft is definitely appreciated at my job and by my freelance clients.

I have ability but I have a lot to prove and no doubt I still have a lot to learn. I don’t want my ego to intoxicate my practice. I don’t want to become an asshole. I think it’s great to have ambition, I know that I have a lot of it. Ambition can get the better of us though, we start to not value what were doing currently, start to feel like we know more then we do and start to assume the grass is always greener on the other side.

This really all comes from maturity of my practice and patience. I’m still very new to this industry. My confidence is really a facade for trying to convince myself and others that I’m better then I really am. In the end it’ll be the good work that shines through.

In this fast paced world we suffer from believing that progress in our abilities and success will happen quickly. I see wonderful things that other people are making and try to make myself feel better by picking the work apart. The difference however is that they have the experience from shipping whatever it is I saw, they have confidence from knowing they put something out into the world. Yet I’m taking a step back excusing my ability in my mind rather then acting on inspiration and learning more by doing what I love.

I’ve been dwelling on this type of thinking recently and I realised that I have to start making things happen, stop acting like a dick and do something exciting. Even if that means playing the slow, long and hard game.

I’ve came a long way and I believe I worked hard to get this far but I have to stand back and remember I still have more to learn, I still have a process to hone and some more risks to take.

This post post is a public reminder for myself that I need to follow my ambition but stay modest, work hard, keep learning and most of all have fun doing it.