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Creative Thinking How To Engage And Inspire Any Audience

Posted on May 31, 2011 · Posted in News

Today at Young Scot HQ we had the chance to attend a ‘learning lunch’ session with Kenny Harris.

Kenny is the creator of HeadSurfing, a radical system of creative thinking for individuals, teams and organisations. He is a leading conference speaker and workshop leader in creativity, innovation and presenting with passion. Described as an ‘inspirational and hilarious’ speaker and presenter, Kenny is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association. He is also a Fellow of The Marketing Society, and is the only person to hold both Fellowships.

Speaking in front of a crowd is one thing nearly everybody hates to do, mainly due to nerves. But Kenny gave us some top tips on ‘how to engage and inspire any audience’.

One of the top tips I got out of the session is to always begin with the end in mind. It’s important to find out why you are there and what the audience wants to get out of the presentation. This can be done in a number of ways including getting in touch with members of your audience (this isn’t always possible) to find out what they hope to achieve and tailoring your presentation towards some of these goals to make it relevant to your audience.

Another key point is ‘using nerves and stress to improve your performance’. We all get nervous, but it’s how we handle these nerves that can have a huge impact on your presentation. Kenny talked about his ABC (Anchoring, Breathing and Center) for combating nerves. Using these to keep you relaxed and make you feel confident about your presentation.

The final key point I took away from the session was to ‘be prepared and be flexible’. It’s wise to always consider what the audience might ask and say during your presentation. Don’t be shocked if there are sudden changes to time restrictions, whether it’s less time or more time for your presentation, always have a plan B in place.

Although we only had an hour I feel that I learnt loads and I’m looking forward to testing a few of these tips and techniques out next time I am presenting.

If you want to know more then why not leave your thoughts below, and make sure you check out Kenny’s website at www.headsurfing.com.