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Creating Content – New Tutorial Category Added

Posted on March 14, 2014 · Posted in News

Over the past few weeks I have been putting together a collection of new tutorials on ‘Creating Content‘ as I feel this is a skill most people lack and in today’s ever changing internet landscape it is a skills everyone should process.

Over the course of these tutorials you will learn to appreciate who your target audience are and what brings them to your website, why having a long term plan in place for your content is a must have for any website and the approaches you can take to achieving good content and much much more.

So what you wait for check out the tutorials and start creating better content.


  1. CONTENT IS EVERYTHING Find out why you should care about content & its place in the user’s experience of your website.
  2. CONTENT STRATEGY – CREATING A PLAN Planning your content strategy is essential – but it is worth considering certain factors before diving in.
  3. TARGET AUDIENCE – WHO IS YOUR CONTENT FOR? Before you do anything else, it is vital you understand who you are trying to reach.
  4. CREATE CONTENT WITH A PURPOSE You content should not be an aimless idea, waiting to be noticed – it exists for a reason.
  5. THE DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO CONTENT STRATEGY A content strategy can be as varied as the websites and audiences for which they are intended for.
  6. THREE STEPS TO A KILLER HEADLINE Follow these tips to really make sure your headline is selling your content.
  7. GOOD CONTENT AND SEO ARE MORE LINKED THAN EVER BEFORE Refreshing your content and updating regularly could see you rank much high in Google’s search results.

I hope you enjoy reading the content and learning a little bit about creating the perfect content for your website. As always if you have any questions or feel that something is missing let me know by leaving a comment below.