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100th Post Looking Back

Posted on November 12, 2013 · Posted in News

It’s amazing what you notice when you least expect it but I’ve just realised that this is in fact my 100th post (this includes my tutorials as well). I must admit that I haven’t posted as much as I possibly should have done before now but I aim to rectify this.

So to mark this occasion I have set myself the target of producing at least one post a day to try and grow my blog/resources to help people in the digital community. So if you have any suggestions for posts, tutorials and topics that you would like to know about I’ll happily try and produce something for you.

Looking back over my previous posts I realised that I have not really settled on just one topic as I cover everything from print and graphic design, video production, inspirational websites and social media. But this is the nature of my role at Young Scot where each day is different from the next as one day I will use InDesign and Photoshop then switching to Premiere and After Effects the next.

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