Stop slacking and become more productive

Posted on November 29, 2012 ยท Posted in Inspiration

If you are already running at full capacity, offering maximum productivity, then congratulations on your impressive efficiency.

However if you are in the more common strand running at less than a hundred percent, then there is room to become more productive and make yourself – and where you work – both much, much happier.

Whatever the working environment there will be distractions. These can come in many forms such as colleagues and social media. They all need to be dealt with accordingly. The first step to increase productivity is to block as many external distractions as possible. This could be as simple as sticking on a set of headphones and blocking out some of the noise with your favourite tunes.

The next step is far more difficult, taking control of yourself. Your personality type will dictate to a certain degree how efficient and productive you are. If you are the type of person that is easily distracted and finds it difficult to get organised then you are more in need of help than your more efficient counterparts. Those who are better organised will be more productive. Start by talking to the more efficient for a few tips. Alternatively, have a browse through my ‘10 steps to becoming more productive‘ tutorial. As always, actually sticking to a list will help, but what if you simply cannot adhere to suggestions?

One thing you could do is look to Maneesh Sethi for a more extreme approach to increasing productivity. Maneesh hired a girl to slap him every time he got off task. He decided that he needed to improve his productivity so he started his campaign by placing an ad on craigslist, ‘I’m looking for someone who can work with me at a defined location (my house or a cafe) and will make sure to watch what is happening on my screen. When I am wasting time, you’ll have to yell at me or if need be, slap me.’

As ridiculous as the idea may sound, he found Kara and paid her $8 an hour, the experiment was a success. Maneesh states: “My average productivity runs around 35-40 percent on average day. When Kara sat next to me, my productivity skyrocketed to 98 percent.”

This is a fascinating insight into how to increase productivity, albeit not the most conventional approach. Check out the whole story.