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Posted on October 22, 2013 · Posted in Inspiration

Recently it seems that Podcasts focused on our industry have gone through somewhat of a Renaissance. I have found myself discovering a great selection of them, that I listen to every week. Here are some of my favourites.



Happy Monday is a wonderful short burst interview podcast from Josh Long and Sarah Parmenter that happens every Monday with members of the design/tech community. The episodes are generally around 30 minutes and have a great selection of guests including Cameron Moll, Frank Chimero, Andy Clarke, Jason Santa Maria, Aaron Draplin, Tina Roth Eisenberg and more.

The tone is very lighthearted which is great for a Monday morning. I generally listen on my commute to work and it really helps me kick off the start of the week in a good frame of mind. I’ve found myself laughing out loud at a few episodes with some of the wonderful guests. Josh and Sarah’s interview with Aaron Draplin was very funny but also really inspiring, a great example of how the hosts and guests personalities and experience really come together into a concise entertaining show, that still has a lot of informative content to learn from.

URL: Happy Monday Podcast Website



Unfinished business is podcast about the business end of web, design and creative industries hosted by Andy Clarke and Anna Debenham. The podcast is packed full of useful insights into working with clients, managing business administration and general advice for freelance creatives. Anna and Andy are able to expel knowledge from their extensive experience in their respective fields. While Andy talks from a designers standpoint, Anna is able to offer up her perspective as a freelance developer. Although focusing on business the podcast is very light hearted and informal thanks to both hosts fun sense of humour.

URL: Unfinished Business Website



The Gently Mad is a interview podcast hosted by Adam Clarke. It generally takes a very deep dive into conversations with guests with episodes upwards of an hour in length. Adam is excellent at gleaning alot from his guests through his inquisitiveness. Generally the conversations revolve around how the guests got started in the industry and talk about their experiences in both life, design, development and business. So far there have been a number of episodes that I have enjoyed a lot, I particularly enjoyed Geoff Teehan’s episode focusing on finding clients and scaling a business and Ryan Sims episode where they talked about how personal life can inform design practice, the importance of deep friendships and the lessons to be learnt in starting over in a new city.

URL: The Gently Mad Website



Dorm Room Tycoon (DRT) is an interview podcast that has recently just came on to my radar hosted by William Channer, that offers up influential insights from world leading creators and entrepreneurs in business, design and technology. In contrast to the other interview podcasts I’ve discussed, William and his guests tend to gravitate more to a single subject matter related to the guest area of expertise. This is great as it often answers detailed questions, offering up very unique insights into specialist areas of business design and entrepreneurship. With guests that include David Karp, Stefan Sagmiester, Luke Wroblewski, Oliver Reichenstein, Seth Godin, Erik Spiekermann, Ethan Marcotte and more, Willam has been able to talk to some of the most inspiring and influential people on the Internet and gather sound advice for listeners from curated discussions.

URL: DRT Website



Shop Talk Show is a podcast about front end web design, development and UX hosted by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier. The show features special guests that talk shop and answer listener submitted questions. Every so often Chris and Dave also break off and do special Rapidfire episodes that consist of answering as many questions as possible. Out of all the podcasts mentioned here Shoptalk slants more towards the development side of the industry. The conversations can often become quite technical and designers may not get as much out of them as some of the other podcasts but Dave and Chris’s sense of humour and hilarious sound effects keep things entertaining. I would recommend this podcast more to Front End designers and developers.

Shop Talk Show Website



Pixel Recess is a hilarious podcast hosted by Paul Armstrong. Dubbed as The Shortest Non-Design Related Design Podcast Ever, the under 10 minute interviews with industry leading designers and developers focus on pretty much everything but designing and developing. The episodes are ridiculous conversations with the aim of bringing some humour to a Monday and a short break from work. You will learn nothing from this podcast but it’s just so funny I had to include it on the list.

URL: Pixel Recess Website


I hope you guys can find some benefit and useful insights and inspiration from these podcasts.

Please share your favourites in the comments sections below, I would love to find some new channels.