100 Percent Photoshop

100 Percent Photoshop

Posted on August 2, 2011 ยท Posted in Books

I am not a great buyer of books on the topic of Photoshop (as I believe you can find more useful information online), but I have to say ‘100% Photoshop’ by Steve Caplin is simply amazing well worth reading.

Every single item in the book is created and drawn from scratch with absolutely no photos being used. The book is well laid out with plenty of simple instructions and pictures. I am already learning so much, and I feel like my drawing skills have improved greatly.

Throughout the book you will learn the essentials layers, selections, textures, filters etc, then it’s right into the projects. The projects themselves are great fun, and very informative. You will actually impress yourself as you make your way through. If like me you use Photoshop regularly, and feel there’s that little gray area you avoid, this is for you its a cracking book!

I’ll try and upload some of my attempts from the book later so watch this space.