Learn a new language with CatAcademy

Posted on November 23, 2013 · Posted in Apps & Software

Time to down tools, people. as you can now be taught Spanish by cats.

Memrise, a learning platform co-founded in the UK by memory expert Ed Cooke, has launched CatAcademy – a 99p app that uses photographs of felines to teach the linguistically curious new languages.

The first language is Spanish, with Italian, French, Portuguese and German in the pipeline. A total of 1,000 phrases can be learned with the tool, which the creators say will result in 2,000-3,000 words being added to your brain.

There are 1,000 cat photos in the initial release, some of which were licensed from cat meme website I Can Has Cheezburger. Other photos were created by the community after Memrise setup a Tumblr website asking cat owners to take photographs of their cats in scenarios, positions or environments that were needed for particular words or phrases.

So what you waiting for? Or should I say ‘A qué estás esperando?‘ Download the app now and start learning a new language.