Firefox 16 Review

Posted on January 28, 2013 ยท Posted in Apps & Software

The smoke has finally cleared from a somewhat embarrassing security related recall, Firefox 16 has shown it’s self to be a worthwhile update particularly for the developer community.

Featuring a beefed-up rapid access developer toolbar, de-prefixing of some CSS3 favourites and a brand new command line interface, it makes several worthwhile improvements to the day to day business of building websites.

Form and Function

the buttons on the new improved developer toolbar are good, but a command line interface to the entire range of functions is just brilliant. Resize width height will show a page that resolution, triggering media queries and testing responsiveness in the process. Opening firebug speaks for itself. Inspect any element … you get the picture. And as the set of commands is extended the system will only get more powerful.

My verdict

With the roll out of its new command line tool, Firefox may well edge back into the number one slot with the people that actually build the world wide web.

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